Email Marketing

From customer acquisition campaigns to brand loyalty efforts, email marketing strategy plays a major role in ongoing digital marketing efforts.

Email marketing is far from dead and anyone actively seeking for your content is prone to sign up for more information. But with so many messages on their inboxes how do you cut through the clutter and drive more leads to your business?

Email marketing that supports the rest of your online marketing

We combine our strategy with integrated digital campaigns to leverage SEO, Social Media and other branding efforts to help you gain potential customers, rather than get lost in the spam box.

Swemed helps you to develop evergreen email marketing campaigns you setup once and then let run on autopilot to follow up your prospects and convert them into a sale.

We use email marketing conversion techniques proven across thousands of email marketing tests. We write the content of your emails, we design your email templates and we set them up for you so you don’t need to think about anything.


Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell

Campaign Management

Our strategy goes beyond emailing a list. We help our clients not only with engagement but new email acquisition, list segmentation and list cleansing.


With 51% of emails being open at mobile devices we make sure the distribution is precise and the content is responsive to be reached on any device.


In the age of high hypersensitivity to spam, an email campaign needs to be both appealing and precise. We create personal and memorable remarketing campaigns to incentive your clients to keep coming back.

Let’s Work Together

Let us take charge of your email marketing with insightful and personal campaigns that can help boost your website traffic and engage consumers.

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Interested in working with us?

Our work consistently leads to an increase in revenue and business performance for our clients. We pride ourselves in completing projects under budget and ahead of schedule. Whether your goal is to reach more prospects, boost sales, or build and audience, we can make it happen.