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Drive-in sales leads fast with a high performance landing page.

Campaign sites or landing pages are a fantastic way to deliver a clear and specific message to your customers without having to modify your brand website. So why aren’t you switching them on during your promotions?

Custom Landing Page Design

In simple terms, every page on a website is a landing page. However, the term, landing page, is usually used to define a particular page that has been specifically designed to get web visitors to take a specific action. That specific action can be sale of a digital or physical product, filling of a web form, subscription to a newsletter or just a simple e-mail form filler web page. .

Landing pages are conversion optimised which means that every element on the page has been specifically designed for a specific result, usually to opt-in in for some free information in exchange for an email address to be used later for email marketing.


Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell

Why you need a customized Landing Page?

Still not convinced? If you are paying good money for your online advertisements, and if your landing page does not effectively convert traffic into customers, YOU’RE WASTING MONEY! If someone clicks on your advertisement and then leaves your webpage without taking action, you’ve failed! Your landing page must provide your visitor with everything he or she needs to take action!

We regularly review the performance of your landing pages to find out how
many people visited on your landing page, what they did when they got
there and how many submitted a web form or made a call.

Seeing these results shows us where the ‘gaps’ are in the online
conversion process and gives us the opportunity to plug any leaks to
motivate even more of your prospects to buy.

Proven over years of testing and tracking

Swemed landing page design style is focused less on “looking good” than it is on getting the reader to read your message and take action (although we do want them to look good as well).

Our designs are based on what’s proven to work from the research yielded from tracking and analysing the conversion results of thousands of tests as well as the latest on eye-tracking and motivational research.

Everything, including the look of the text, images, colours and layout are designed to help you improve conversions.

Let’s Work Together

Landing pages are especially effective at improving the ROI on PPC campaigns. We can optimise landing pages to send more targeted messages to certain sub-sections of your market. Contact us today!

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